Tamil’s First Graphic Novel


Need : One of the largest Tamil Media companies in South India, Vikatan Publications was launching the first Graphic novel in Tamil. Apart from the printed format, they also wanted a digital version of the novel for mobile users.

Solution : We developed a mobile app suitable for Android as well as iOS on the native platforms. Any user who purchases a book can instal the app also and experience the richness of media. The digital version of the book had voice dialogues, animations, sound effects and background music. The user had option to choose English or Tamil Version of the book on the app. The dialogues and text would adopt dynamically to the language chosen. The solution had a full-fledged CMS so that the new volumes of the novels can be updated through CMS, instead of updating the app.

The special feature of the app is the gliding panel view to guide the user from one panel to the other in the story sequence, on a single click. Till date, only a very few and large comic book publishers have been able to implement this view.

Technologies Used : DotNet, Android Studio, Xcode
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