Enhancing Retail Audits of India’s Largest Snack Manufacturer


The Challenge : The client had a huge team of visual merchandisers on the field across India. The merchandisers execute PoS Material at all retail outlets and submit photos as proof. The huge number of photos were submitted through whatsapp. So the trade marketing team was unable to assess the effectiveness of the execution.

Solution : Madbee developed an Android app for the merchandisers. Each merchandiser had a unique login ID. The daily field visit plan is loaded in the backend server. The merchandiser goes about the plan and captures data and photographs of the execution. The app ensures that the merchandisers had visited the outlet, since the photos can only be uploaded using the camera. Each photo was watermarked with the retail outlet name/code and date/time, for better archiving and reference. This data was collated and presented in a comprehensive dashboard to the management.

Benefits to client :
>>> Few Lakhs of photographs of PoS Execution was available in a well-organised and searchable manner.
>>> The trade marketing team was able to assess the effectiveness of execution in various cities and make comparisons.
>>> Multiple reports like attendance reports, Coverage Reports and Share of Shelf Reports were available in a single click.

Technologies Used : Android Studio, DotNet, Azure Cloud, Power BI Tool