In this age of mobility, there could be no better analogy than that of the bee for Mobile Applications Service Providers. Especially us.

We are Madbee. And much like that fabled gatherer of nectar, we tirelessly handpick ideas and craft applications for small and medium businesses and ensure better outcomes.

As such, we consider ourselves an idea hive – a repository of solutions designed to give businesses an edge in areas that matter.

Our core belief that any business process can be mobile-enabled and thereby saving time and effort for the enterprises. Time and effort saved is revenue earned. Hence, we identify business processes that are cumbersome and repetitive. We identify the critical pain point and develop the solution to mobile enable that process to save your time and effort.


The need of the hour is a product that is not only efficient, but structured robustly enough to handle prevailing market conditions. As such, our products are designed around core values of simplicity, clarity and immediate functionality – what we call actionability. The term actionability does not carry any meaning if the solution will entail huge investments in time and money to implement.

How do we do that? By operating on MAAS model (Mobile Applications As Service), where our products are made available on a nominal set up cost followed by a monthly subscription fee based on the number of instances of usage – just the kind of plan a growing business is comfortable with.

As a MAAS provider, we have applications that addresses various business problems. Our solutions are being used by industry leaders like Aircel, Indian Oil Corporation, Britannia and many more.

Come, stroll through our hive to see what we have to offer.


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